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I’m the author of three books, a journaling coach, and coordinator of the Rochester Druid Brigade. I struggled with anxiety and low self-worth for many years, chasing approval and doubting myself. After a few years in acting and voice work where I learned techniques to be express my voice and be more present, I started teaching College Preparatory English. My book, “Why Zarmina Sings: 18 Steps to Live and Learn Beyond Anxiety,” includes anecdotes as well as tools I incorporated in my teaching to help me and my students bypass fight/flight/freeze to accelerate learning.

After meeting and working with energetic healer, Jen Ward, I learned Jen’s SFT tapping protocols and how to communicate in energy. With Jen’s help, I let go of deep conditioning so that I could help others. (I highly recommend getting a session with Jen.) 

I live with my family and as many animals as possible which now include my two cats Max and Flo and my dogs, Casey and Lily. I have an M.Ed from Lesley University. You can contact me for journaling classes or anything related to trees and the Druid Brigade at

Rochester Druid Brigade

I also work with trees through the Druid Brigade Meetup.

I’ve seen my relationships improve, found a deeper connection to my purpose and experienced healings by listening and working on behalf of trees.

I love helping others reconnect to nature and their higher purpose and will work with anyone anywhere to share information on the trees.

I write on my blog about the healing and revelations that come from communing with the trees as well as other topics.

Some of the books I’ve written.

She struggled with anxiety and low self-worth for many years, chasing approval and doubting herself. After a stint in acting and voiceover work where she learned tools to be more present, she started teaching College Preparatory English. Her book,

Discover tools to unlock tension in your voice so that you can speak with more presence and power.

As Thérèse searches for ways to free herself and her students from fragmented learning and anxiety, she accesses tools to accelerate learning and access creativity.

Experience writing exercises and learn techniques to get past blockages to tune into your purpose and joy. The title was inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem.

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