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Rochester Druid Brigade
For The Trees

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Welcome tree and nature lovers! In this Meetup members will learn how help trees thrive by freeing them of vines that were zapping their energy and by listening to them. In this group, we walk through parks in Irondequoit and Mendon trimming the vines that are thwarting their growth. You will get to experience the joy of a grateful tree by freeing it of vines and clearing the space around it so it can communicate more with other trees, people and animals. One of the benefits in my experience from helping trees is that it can clear the emotions and mind, connecting us to our true nature.

Join us in this exciting adventure–return to our “roots” as Druids–the original tree whisperers! Bring some clippers and learn about tools of the trade of tree whispering that include clippers, saws, hammer, (copper nails to put on clipped vines to discourage more growth) and more. See you soon.

Dues are not required to take part in this meetup. Your contribution to the planet by learning how to communicate with trees and helping the trees in the local parks and community is much appreciated. Our intention with this Meetup group is for more people to learn how to be proactive in helping trees and learning communication with the trees. Here’s a video form Jarvin Media on how to ask the trees for help!

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About Therese

Therese is a the author of three booksa success coach and an editor.

She struggled with anxiety and low self-worth for many years, chasing approval and doubting herself. After a stint in acting and voiceover work where she learned tools to be more present, she started teaching College Preparatory English. Her book, “Overcome Anxiety: Stories and Solutions from One Professor’s Classroom,” includes stories as well as the tools she incorporated in her college classroom to help herself and her students bypass fight/flight/freeze to accelerate learning.

After meeting and working with energetic healer, Jen Ward, she learned Jen’s SFT tapping protocols and how to communicate in energy. With Jen’s help, Therese learned how to let go of conditioning and obstacles to be more present and empowered in life. Therese now writesedits, and helps others let go of limitations and hone their gifts in order to help the world.

Therese also devotes a lot of her attention to trees in local parks around Rochester, NY. Some of her favorite time is in nature, assisting trees by cutting down the vines that pull them down. She writes on her blog about the healing and revelations that come from communing with the trees.

She lives with her family and as many animals as possible which now includes her two cats Max and Flo, and her dog, Vanya. She has an M.Ed from Lesley University and a B.S. from Georgetown University and three years of coursework from the Loft Literary Center. Contact her for success coaching or editing questions at


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Heart Thinking with the Help of Trees
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