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Five Ways to Ground the Energy and Why It’s a Good Idea

There were many ways I get grounded but here are my top five:

    1. Chi-kung. Doing chi-kung caused the energy which was swirling chaotically around and through me to move coherently through me. I noticed improvements in digestion and spinal alignment and more.

    2. I stopping praying to that source out there—God the Universe, Spirit, and started listening it instead. The energy no longer left my body and it allowed me to truly go inwardly like they talk about in most spiritual paths. I learned about this from Jen Ward that traveling out of our bodies wasn’t necessary to pray or to have a spiritual experience. It’s about being expansive but not about leaving the physical body.

    3. Chanting deep sounds that reached my belly—“ohhh,” “ooohh,” “ahhhh”—while bending down when sounding out. Moving the voice in this way seemed to strengthen my bones and my vocal presence.

    4. Practicing “grounding.” Going out in my bare feet and walking on the sand or pavement after a rain. But my favorite way is to hold (hug) a tree. I can feel the energy move down the tree. I have stopped the hiccups with hugging a tree, and I’ve calmed down from crying after holding on to a tree. See more on communicating with trees here:

    5. SFT Tapping from Jen Ward of Jenuine Healing. The SFT taps are able to rewire the brain and give you a way to address issues in energy. See for free downloads of the taps and to learn more. 

    Have you found ways to de-stress, calm down, or come back into alignment? Please share below.