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Be Present to Life – Do the Taps from Jen Ward

I always thought I knew how to be present, but I had a lot of blocks.

I’ve been doing the taps of Jen Ward for about three years now. So many of the blocks to being present are gone. Through Jen’s SFT taps (Spiritual Freedom Taps) and private sessions I’ve removed fears, doubt, beliefs that have blocked me from being present. In private sessions, she honed in on more subtle blocks and she created taps for me to do. Now I can create taps for myself based on difficulty I may be having in any situation. It’s true freedom.

Today it’s easier to be a teacher, friend, caring citizen because of all I’ve learned.

When someone crosses a boundary or sends me negative energy, I know it, I feel it and I call them on it when necessary. I had to ask someone to stop talking so loudly on their phone in public because they were disturbing my peace. It was easy–I didn’t have to get angry or awkward.

If someone is sucking my energy without giving in return, I know that too. I know to keep a distance from them by not connecting with them often. I have cut off from “friends” who were not good for me. They were takers so they knew how to energetically take from me and left me high and dry in many ways: energy, financially, creatively. I can more easily discern the energy people are sending out. My subtle senses are more awake because a lot of the ego’s layers are gone. I feel more vulnerable because I’m more open, but I can more easily let things pass through me and gauge what is going on with others.

We have to call people on their stuff. Like Jen Ward likes to say, we are surrogates for whatever we allow into the world. What are you allowing into the world? Joy, peace or stress, anxiety and poverty? We can make a difference in the big world by making a difference in our world.