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International Druid Brigade
For The Trees

Learn to commune with the ancient wisdom of the trees by listening and helping the trees thrive.

International Druid Brigade for the Trees

Welcome tree and nature lovers! In our local Druid Brigade will learn how help trees thrive by freeing them of invasive vines that zap their energy and by cultivating a deep respect for the wisdom coming from the trees. You will get to experience the joy of a grateful tree. You’ll learn how the trees have families and communicate with each other. By experiencing this reality of trees, we become part of the local forests and actually appreciate our role in nature. One of the benefits in my experience from helping trees is that it can clear the emotions and mind, connecting us to our true nature.

Join us in this exciting adventure–return to our “roots” as Druids, the original tree whisperers!

Our intention with this Meetup group is for more people around the globe to learn how to be proactive in helping trees and communicating with the trees. Here’s a video form Jen Ward of Jarvin Media on how to ask the trees for help! 

By making trees a priority in our lives, we bring back joy, wisdom, and wholeness. Feel free to reach out to learn how to start your own local Druid Brigade or work on your own to reconnect to trees’ wisdom. You can contact me at

Here is a video created by Jen Ward of Jarvin where she describes how to listen to and heal from the trees. For more of these inspirational videos, you can go to

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Heart Thinking with the Help of Trees
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