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Healing from the Heart and Sun

Recently I wanted to write more about nature, healing, trees, and animals. This morning I had an interesting experience with the sun.

People have worshiped the sun all throughout time. Today’s sun worshipers head south to the beach every year. I wonder now if there is more than the tan propelling them. The sun recently got my attention when I heard from a few sources that the early morning sun helped people heal vision problems.

Because of my own vision issues I got up a few times and stared at the first break of the sun, careful to stare just below the center of the sun. And it did feel good on my eyes but without a plan or inspiration, I stopped the practice.

The other morning I was sitting out there on the porch in the morning sun still in my robe. I had a large cut on my arm and it felt so good to have the sun’s rays warming it. I felt it heat up my arm; the wound felt like it was drying up and healing before my eyes. I wondered if the sun was the first healer. Perhaps that was why those ancient Egyptians had made the sun, God.

As I tuned in, I got the sense that the sun could heal so many of our problems in health. I wondered if the sun could heal different issues at different times of the day. The morning sun was particularly effective. We’re always told that vitamin d comes from the sun but there was much more energy conversion happening.

I sat there enjoying the rays and remembered an incident that happened to me five or six years ago.

We were living in Florida where, though there is a lot of sun year round, the incident happened inside. The floors in our apartment were all hard tile and our bed was up high. One morning at about 3 am my elderly cat jumped on me and began to get sick. As I tried to prop her gently down to the floor so she didn’t get sick in bed, I lost my balance and fell out of bed onto the hard floor. It was a long fall onto my ribs on my left side.

I heard a pop of some kind and as I was in a lot of pain, I worried I’d broken something. I didn’t move. My husband got up to see, and as I was writhing there, something weird happened. A bright orange light–the kind you see when you lie in the sun and close your eyes–enveloped me. It was so comforting. I tried to tell my husband what hurt but I didn’t want to leave the moment with the light. I sat there enjoying the 15 or 20 minutes of this orange light. It was surreal; he couldn’t see the light, but I could. It felt so comforting emotionally, too, like it was connecting to my heart. I was both in pain and in some kind of loving, potent, orange healing spa at the same time. After a while, it dissipated and so did most of the pain.

I got up and was convinced there were no breaks even though I’d heard something pop when I fell.

Where did the light come from?

We’re not alone here without any help from other forms of life. I’ve had too many coincidences and “divine intervention” moments like this. When we are working our purpose or trying to uplift the planet in any way, we are being helped in subtle and not so subtle ways. This light was intense, real, bright orange. It was a miracle-beyond the norm of outer events–and it probably saved me much pain and trouble.

This orange light healed, like the healing power of the morning sun. I’m grateful to whomever initiated it. Try the sun for healing. If that doesn’t work or you need a great healer’s help, try