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In her coaching, Therese uses writing exercises, movement, active listening, and SFT Tapping, (created by Jen Ward). Therese helps the clients move past fears, clarify their goals, and stay present and accountable. By moving through blockages and staying in tune with their goals and intuition, clients can make choices in line with their true purpose. She draws on ALL her training including her degrees in Linguistics, Education, training in voice, acting, writing and energy work from Jen Ward, to help others access their own strengths and follow through with with their purpose.
She recommends working weekly in 20 minute sessions for the best results but can work with individuals on what is most suitable for them.
For a free consultation, contact her via email at

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I was in class the other day and the semester was winding down. I had such a great group of students. Each was unique. I was looking over the outlines they created for their essay. I try to give them a way to creatively explore the topic, but don’t always have time to do this in class. Two of the students in class can’t go directly to an outline.

Heart Thinking with the Help of Trees

Heart Thinking with the Help of Trees
I did a lot of research on the brain for my book, “Why Zarmina Sings.” I had to find out how the brain worked under stress and how the brain worked differently when it was not causing the release of cortisol and other stress related hormones.